Dates: 4th – 6th of August 2017

Venue: Harare City Sports Centre


Registration: FREE!



Psalm 89:4 “I will establish your line forever and make your throne firm through all generations.”

The majesty of this verse is found in 2 Samuel 7, when God speaks to David through the prophet Nathan. The back story of is how David had a desire to build a temple for the Ark of The Covenant to reside in. However, God had other plans. God promises David that God Himself, would establish David’s children and generations to come and that they would build the ‘House of the Lord’.

One of the biggest challenges in the modern-world is the lack of cross-generational collaboration and empowerment. As with David, many of the older generations that have birthed a ‘thing’ and nursed it through its infancy, have the right intentions in their desire to see that ‘thing’ become greater. However, too many times the result is lack of collaborative work with those that are perceived to be younger and therefore less experienced. And the reverse can be said of the millennial generation, who all too often do not value the commitment, sacrifice and wisdom that is required to nurture a vision over years and years. Instead of UNITY, there is DIVISION. Instead of BLESSING, there is DESTRUCTION.

But this year we are coming together to proclaim that the generations will be in unity with Christ at the center. The cry of our heart for this gathering is that God would heal the perceived gap that man has created, and that the Holy Spirit will be the guiding voice as we claim the promises God has given.

This year’s conference will be a celebration of the differences that make us unique in God’s eyes and give rise to the gifts we have been given. Our speakers’ teachings will be focused on cross-generational understanding and collaboration; commitment to the future whilst honouring the past; the empowered release of the next market place leaders; and the commanded blessing through unity. We want to sing, dance, worship, pray together – ‘young and old’, ‘fathers with sons’, and ‘daughters with mothers’. This year’s conference will be a declaration that our blessing is not just for now …. But will be ESTABLISHED FOR GENNERATIONS!


Bishop Tudor & Pastor ChiChi Bismark

About Bishop Tudor


Bishop Tudor Bismark is an apostolic voice to the nations. Since 1989, he has been serving as an apostolic father and mentor to ministries all over the world. He and his wife, Pastor Chichi Bismark, serve as the senior pastors of New Life Covenant Church in Harare, Zimbabwe, the headquarters church for Jabula – New Life Ministries International. Bishop Bismark also serves as the Chairman of the Council of African Apostles, a wholly African initiative to bring the apostolic voices of the African church to bear on uniquely African issues.


Bishop Bismark has a passion to see people empowered and awakened to their God-ordained destiny and has purposed to help facilitate networks of Kingdom-minded believers raised in his lifetime. Bishop Bismark’s message is simply the empowerment of believers, and the advancement of the Kingdom of God in the earth as a tangible reality.


Bishop Bismark is a well sought after speaker and leadership expert, and truly carries the mantle of an Apostolic father who carries a current and relevant word of concerning God and His Kingdom.

About Pastor ChiChi


Pastor ChiChi is the wife of Bishop Tudor Bismark. She is the co-founder of Jabula New Life Ministries & pastor of New Life Covenant Church in Harare, Zimbabwe. Her sincere heart for people and her desire for the manifestation of the power of the Word of God in the earth has positioned her as a credible minister in her own right.


Pastor ChiChi is an intercessor, a prophet, a teacher and an encourager to the body of Christ globally. Anointed in the areas of sound biblical teaching, healing and kingdom finance, she along with Bishop Bismark have grown their assembly in Harare in to a force of faith and power for the Kingdom of God.


Pastor ChiChi and Bishop Tudor have been married for over twenty five years and have been blessed with four sons. As an avid reader, information seeker and a possessor of revelation knowledge, Pastor ChiChi will minister to your present need, challenge your boundaries and encourage your faith.


About Dr Mensa


Mensa Otabil is a respected Christian statesman, educator, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. He oversees the multi-faced network of ministries of the International Central Gospel Church with its headquarters in Accra, Ghana.

He also serves as senior Pastor of Christ Temple. His over-riding passion is to see the timeless principles of the Bible made applicable to the renewal and transformation of Africa.

Dr. Otabil is a Chancellor at Ghana’s premier private university – central University College as well as the Chief Executive Officer of Otabil and Associates, an Executive and Leadership Growth Consultancy. 

He is committed to human uplifting and presents the inspirational radio and television broadcast – The Living Word.  His messages speak to the pertinent concerns of a continent and people seeking solutions to their perplexing challenges. He and his wife Joy reside in Ghana’s capital city of Accra and are parents of four children.


Michael Mahendere is a Zimbabwean pastor and musician. He was part of the group Pax Afro and gospel outfit Mahendere brothers. Mahendere is a pastor at United Family International Church. He has had a successful solo career with his album Getting Personal With God II producing hits such as Makanaka Jesu and Mumoyo.

Mahendere is the fourth born in a family of seven children and has brothers Akim, Misheck and Amos. He was born on 28 May 1983 and was married to Vimbai Mahendere in December 2011.


Zimpraise is an interdenominational Praise and Worship group of passionate Christian Musicians from different backgrounds and denominations that have joined in union to make one massive Praise and Worship Music team. The aim of uniting the Nations through music for God’s glory is what gave birth to Zimpraise in October of 2006. The praise and worship depicts and clearly shows that we are truly Zimbabwean & Christian. Together we have ministered in various schools, universities, and churches. Zimpraise has reached out to the Zimbabwean Community at large. Zimpraise is managed and run under the management of the CEO and President Mr Joseph Madziyire.

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