Service Team Ministries

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Service Team Ministries

Our Service Team Ministries (STM) provide many exciting and rewarding opportunities for you to grow spiritually and personally, serve others, and build valuable relationships through ministry.

Every service and event hundreds of members just like you are a part of NLCC’s dynamic volunteer ministries.

Service Team Opportunities


This is a secure department or essentially the Ministry of Helps (1 Corinthians 12:28) in NLCC which comprises of departments within itself which are Professional Technical Staff (Ushers & Hostesses), Altar Ministers and Gatekeepers. All these departments ensure order and control in every service and function, and a team that thrives on excellence and creating an ambience and atmosphere of welcome to ensure congregants and ministers of the Lord are looked after in the best possible way so as to facilitate unhindered and effective ministry.


This is a team of individuals that run and operate the projector screens to ensure that we have a platform to make various announcements through use of technology. This team works hand in hand with Media Audio and Visual. The projector screens and related equipment are very sensitive and thus require capable individuals to setup and to ensure their smooth operation hence, we have this facet of Media which is critical and vital in its own regard. Like other segments of media, technical ability and or competence is legally essential. This Ministry also has Pastoral Oversight and a Ministry Head.


This is a multifaceted group of personnel that include the video projection team, videographers, sound engineers and technical operators whose expertise is ensuring that the technological aspect of our ministry including production of CDs and DVDs are well-enhanced. This core team ensures that we have and experience great service ministry as they set up and run the necessary equipment. Their role is crucial to having quality services.


This is the Music Ministry department of New Life Covenant Church. The choir, known as Covenant Praise is comprised of men and women of all ages who are gifted in singing and leading praise and worship with a spiritual responsibility to lead the entire congregation into the presence of God during Praise and Worship segments of the service. The dance team is composed of skilled and anointed individuals who minister periodically during worship services, special functions at New Life Covenant Church and off-site locations. The Band team comprises of key board players, guitarists, drummer and percussionists who all have a major role, complementing the choir, they add the fundamental music element to our praise and worship.


This is another facet of media ministry also with Pastoral Oversight to guide and a Ministry Head to lead in its core- functions and role. This is also a team of both paid staff and volunteers who are responsible for the production including editing of our ministry material which is predominantly our DVDs ,CD’s and publications especially books. They do this before and after each service and during other times, they operate and perform this role at the church office during office working hours.

They also have a reserved role of marketing the products to boost revenue for the Ministry and seasonally they may come up with promotions after consultation with the senior pastors. Besides requiring a high level of integrity and accountability this department requires technical expertise in so far as the production of the ministry products.


These are men and women who are equipped with counselling skills, they assist new believers in terms of guidance to ensure they are firmly grounded in the principles of Christianity so they can grow and be mature in their Christian faith. They make use of our Covenant Life Course which is their training tool to develop and grow new believers. In its fundamental teaching, it explains fundamental doctrines of our Christian faith such as Baptism, Salvation, etc.


This is a team of dedicated; spiritually mature men and women whose purpose is to assist congregants in setting those in need of being freed spiritually from demonic oppression, addictions and any form of spiritual bondage. They also work with the Counselling team and Intercessors in ministering to that particular need of congregants.


This is a ministry team of intercessors whose role is chiefly to pray and intercede for the Senior Pastors of New Life Covenant Church, Tudor Bismark Ministries, Jabula New Life Ministries International, our leadership and our entire ministry. Besides serving as the spiritual watchmen of the Church, their primary responsibility is to enhance and maintain a culture of prayer of which the church was birthed on. By developing diverse prayer strategies such as 24 hr prayer cycles, street prayer walks, all night and daily prayer meetings this ministry department has widened its responsibility to our nation, the body of Christ, Africa and the world at large and ensure that the vision of the House is fulfilled and lived.


This is a team of men and women that compliment our Hospitality and Protocol staff that deal with unruly elements in the congregation so as to ensure order and harmony in our services. They have diverse functions including escorting and ensuring the protection and transportation of the offerings, order in services and apprehending rogue elements such as thieves, pick pockets etc. The security personnel also act as aides and protect the ministry guests who minister in terms of their movement and tours so that they are not distracted or harmed by individuals within the congregation that may have ulterior motives.

COVENANT KIDS (Children’s Ministry)

A ministry led by spiritually mature teachers and mentors with the purpose of partnering with parents to raise up children in Christ so as to establish the Kingdom of God.


This is a team of men and women selected by leadership, eighteen years of age and above who have a vital role of making announcements in the church. Besides being natural communicators, they also add fluidity and rhythm to the services ensuring a smooth running of every service and implement the particular programme or schedule. Key attributes of members in this team are good interpersonal skills, tactfulness, timeliness and of course, flexibility. They serve as information providers and hence should have a thorough knowledge of the church and broader understanding of its programmes.


This is a dedicated team inept with accounting skills that is strictly appointed by the Senior Pastor and whose responsibility is counting the monies raised through general and special service offerings and appropriate recording and reporting such data. The key character attributes of individuals in this team are Integrity, Commitment and absolute loyalty.


This is a team of men and women whose role comes seasonally such as during annual or special occasions when we are graced by guest speaker(s). Their duty is mainly to assist, guide and look after visiting guests and this entails from ferrying them from the airports, to guiding them to their designated hotels, etc. Though an extended function of Hospitality, this team complements Security and Hospitality and is necessary since Hospitality Ministry mainly begins and ends at the venue, whereas, the Protocol staff literally has their assignment before guests arrive at the service venue. This team consists of mature individuals who are not only reliable but also highly committed.


This is a team of dedicated volunteer staff that have a talent or gift in decorating the service venue for our ministry as well as ministry related events and function. Cognizant of modern trends and with creative ability, this team ensures that the platform on which the ministry of the word shall be preached is well artistically laid out to create an ambience that is desirable and conforming to our ministry standards which is an excellent culture. Innovation and skills is absolutely necessary as the décor has an overall effect also on the DVD quality and also image of the Ministry. This ministry has Pastoral Oversight and a Ministry Head.


This is a ministry arm of New Life Covenant Church that is responsible for organizing and coordinating Ministry Events and Functions such as Conference venues, meeting places, dinner venues, family fun day logistics and so forth. Inept with Organizational skills, the staff also widely conducts research and comes up with proposals and recommendations to the Chief Finance Office and other respective Ministry Heads and then undertakes such processed and ground work to ensure successful Ministry activities.


The Booking and hiring of church facilities and equipment fall directly under this ministry department and this ministry from time to time supervisors stock takes for ministry equipment. The floor management is basically the directing and liaising with our related facilities staff in arranging ministry events and ensures that all queries are addressed with regard to hired facilities. This ministry also, working hand in hand with Event and Functions, ensures the smooth running of ministry activities at church or hired premises.


This is a specialized unit of hospitality which caters for ministry guests, international visitors and our own Pastors. They are volunteer staff that serve the guests with refreshments. This department thus hosts our VIP guests and green room staff before and after service functions and has dedicated professional and well- groomed as well as mature personnel with high levels of integrity.


"Transforming People, Transforming Nations"